The Great Farm Race

The Great Farm Race, created by PlayWorks for Gratchi's Getaway

Want to challenge your team this year?  Sign your company up for the Great Farm Race Team Building Package, Gratchi's version of 'The Amazing Race' wherein your teams are divided into different colors and they race around the entire Farm to complete challenges for clues in a mad dash the finish line!  Not yet convinced?  Watch this!!

  • This Great Farm Race Team Building Package is an action-packed full day of activities that includes mental, creative, and physical team challenges.  
  • Processing and analysis is also included, by our resident team of professional, industry-experienced facilitators: Playworks Team Building.
  • Includes stations such as the Obstacle Course, High Ropes, Swimming Pool, Picture Safari, Flag-making, Cheering and more! 
  • Over 100 satisfied corporate clients in 2013.  Great for all demographics!
  • To avail of this Race, purchase the Team Building Package at Gratchi's. 
  • Email for a quotation.

Obstacle Course 

Situated within a backdrop of Tagaytay Highlands, People's Park (Palace in the Sky), and Crosswinds, Gratchi's Obstacle Course has 11 different ground challenges designed to enhance group interaction, trust, cooperation, and leadership.  Shaded by coconut palms and with a constant cool breeze, you and your group can run the course without breaking a sweat!

Zigzag Logs                                                                       Tire Relay

Bea Alonzo from ABS-CBN's 'A Beautiful Affair' Team Building   John Estrada starting the obstacle course relay for the 'Stars' team.

Bamboo Wall Climb                                                          Monkey Bars 


Military Crawl                                                                     Through the Tires


Trust Fall                                                                               Mud Slide!

   Mud Slide


High Ropes Challenges

What better way to challenge your team than having them push their limits high up in the air?  High atop the coconut trees at Gratchi's Getaway, you and your group can attempt 10 high rope activities while taking in the view of the Farm from high above!  Great for building personal confidence and team cohesion.  Helmets, harnesses, and trained Safety Marshalls included.

  • P200 per person, minimum group of 5 persons.  
  • Free with purchase of the Great Farm Race Team Building Program.

Burma Bridge                                                                    Vine Walk


Cat Walk                                                                              Log Swing


ATV Trail Rides

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) ride in Tagaytay, 3km course at Gratchi's Getaway

Want to do something new during your next visit to Tagaytay?  Why not get a little rugged and try one of Gratchi's All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).  Rent an ATV and take it on a 3 kilometer trail ride through the forest.  Be challenged by different terrain and see various different types of fruiting vegetation along the way.  This experience is truly like nothing else in Tagaytay.

  • P400 per 30 minutes per ATV


Going down the zip line at Gratchi's Getaway Tagaytay.

Climb the Stone Tower at Gratchi's Getaway to get a birds eye view of the entire 6-hectare Farm and then take the Zipline down!  One of the zippiest ziplines in the Philippines, this is definitely a life-defining experience.

  • P150 per zip.  Minimum of 5 persons.

River Trek

River Trek at Gratchi's GetawayTake a thrilling 1 hour roundtrip trek to the river located in the back of Gratchi's Getaway.  Marvel at the untouched forest area and the clean river (water comes up as high as your knees).  Truly a breath-taking experience for nature lovers.

  • P150 per person. Minimum of 5 persons.
  • Additional waterfall climb and river jump included in the River Rock Survivor Challenge.

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